C & H Logistics Inc,

is committed to maintaining the highest standards of compliance to all U.S. laws and regulations governing the movement of goods and to conduct business in accordance with accepted Trade Compliance and Security guidelines.  C & H Logistics fosters an environment of mutual respect, honesty, and teamwork to build a responsible supply chain platform that will promote the long-term success of the company.  Further, we have committed to participate in the Customs and Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) Program and voluntarily agree to implement, follow and maintain verifiable procedures and practices consistent with the CTPAT Brokers Minimum Security Criteria published and enforced by U.S. Customs (CBP).


As participants in the CTPAT program, it is the policy of the company to :

  1. Cooperate with customs and other agencies, including importer clients in an ongoing effort to ensure security in the supply chain.
  2. Provide security guidance as needed for employees, contractors, service providers, and other business partners operating in and associated with the company’s supply chain.
  3. Investigate all incidents or significant events that may be related to a breach in the supply chain security, or any CTPAT security criteria and notify the proper authorities.
  4. Comply with all relevant regulations governing participation in CTPAT Program.

CTPAT impacts our entire organization and involves associated outside importers for whom we provide brokerage services.   We remain committed to incorporating security awareness into the daily routine of business operations.  All C&H Logistics employees, contractors, service providers, visitors, and business partners are expected to comply with the  CTPAT policy statement and all policies, procedures, or requirements outlined by the company.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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  • Global Logistics Planning
  • Warehousing & Distribution Solutions
  • Packing & Crating
  • U.S. Customs Clearances (Customs brokerage) in all USA Ports
  • Importer 10+2 Security Filings
  • Nationwide Trucking
  • Value added Logistic Services
  • International Deliveries

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